How do we store and transport frozen food?

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We prioritize the quality and safety of frozen food during storage and transportation. We implement several practices to maintain the integrity of the products. Here's an overview of how we handle frozen frozen fresh food (cooked and raw):


1. Temperature-controlled storage: We maintain dedicated storage with temperature-monitoring features to ensure frozen food remains properly frozen and preserves its quality

3. Proper organization and rotation: We follow a first-in, first-out (FIFO) approach to ensure proper incoming and outgoing of stock. This helps prevent any food from being stored for extended periods and ensures that older products are used or sold first


1. Insulated storage: We use insulated storage to maintain the required temperature during transportation which are capable of preserving the cold chain and preventing thawing for up to 4 hours

2. Efficient routing and scheduling: All of our orders containing frozen items are indicated on our dispatch list so our delivery personnel are able to optimise their delivery routes between 6-10pm to their best ability. This minimizes transit time and avoid prolonged exposure of frozen food to ambient temperatures. This helps ensure that the food arrives at the customer's doorstep as quickly as possible while maintaining the desired temperature

3. Trained and knowledgeable delivery personnel: Our delivery personnel are trained on proper handling practices for frozen food. They understand the importance of maintaining the cold chain and follow specific protocols to ensure the safe delivery of frozen products

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